[Context: On December 1, Tailwater Energy’s Fund III received federal authorization to acquire major pipeline assets from Merit Energy Investments, according to FTC filings. Further details and related links are below.]

In April 2016, Merit Energy announced an agreement to acquire the 570-mile Red Butte Pipeline from Marathon Oil (NYSE: MRO) for $870m, according to an Oil & Gas Journal report. Tailwater III appears to acquiring a controlling stake in the asset.

Tailwater Energy Merit Energy

FTC Transaction # 20180317 

Tailwater Energy Fund III LP; Merit Energy Investments, LP
Date: December 1, 2017
Transaction Number: 20180317
Acquiring Party: Tailwater Energy Fund III LP
Acquired Party: Merit Energy Investments, LP
Granting Status:Granted
Acquired Entities: Red Butte Pipe Line LLC

Wyoming Pipeline Authority, “Crude Oil Pipelines in the Rockies: An historical review,” June 2010

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