[Context: On December 13, Simmons & Co. announced it advised PetroCloud on its investment from Genesis Park. The company is energy infrastructure automation, monitoring and security services provider. Further details and related links are below.]

Genesis Park PetroCloud

Simmons advises PetroCloud on a recent transaction

Transaction Information
PetroCloud LLC (“PetroCloud”), a technology leader of cloud-based solutions that provides automation, monitoring and security for the energy, utility and critical infrastructure industries, has received an investment from Genesis Park. The financing serves as a growth platform for PetroCloud to add talent, expand its footprint and maintain the responsive customer service it has become known for as it serves new customers and markets.

PetroCloud has built an advanced industrial internet of things (“IoT”) platform specifically designed to meet the requirements of critical and remote operating environments. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, the PetroCloud® Automation Platform empowers customers to remotely view, monitor and interact with their assets from any internet-enabled device. PetroCloud’s IoT platform utilizes a unique “push” architecture and proprietary techniques for customers to receive real-time alerts from cameras, sensors, gauges and other field devices and bi-directionally control their remote assets. Providing solutions in “dead zones” where cellular reception is weak or absent enables operators to prevent unauthorized access and equipment loss due to theft or accidents. PetroCloud’s hardware is also available in solar power options allowing automation, access control and security in extremely remote areas not covered by conventional systems.

Genesis Park is a Houston-based lower middle market buyout firm founded in 1999 that focuses on investments in the Southern U.S. The firm is actively involved in portfolio companies and places a strong emphasis on solving operational problems and professionalizing management and systems. The Genesis Park partners have worked together for more than 17 years investing and building businesses in information technology, software, energy services, telecommunications, financial and healthcare industries.

Simmons & Company International® | Energy Specialists of Piper Jaffray® served as the exclusive financial advisor to PetroCloud.

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